About us

Abandon all stress and weariness, surrender to a flexible heaven, BEHOLD! Bungee Hammock.  The best thing I have ever made, I have found something that leads to great happiness and fulfillment for me, as well as for you. I know they are making people happier, more relaxed, and more connected to the sky, trees, and all that is

My creative journey began when I wanted to make a hammock of a very special purple silk wrap that had held many of my beloved friends and family over the years. My good fortune was having my Bungee Hammocks to hold me during a year of treatment for breast cancer...in yard, porch, living room and bedroom. My experience of healing in my Bungee Hammock was amazing. I now travel everywhere with my Bungee Hammocks, most recently hanging out along the Seine in Paris! The hammocks go up and come down in under a minute. Very easy to get out of by sitting toward the edge and walking back as the bungee lifts you!

Prior to this new website, all of my sales have been at local art fairs, witnessing astonishment and a delightful transformation as folks surrendered into the Bungee Hammock.  Here are a few quotes/reviews I have gathered:

Review from expert Derek Hanson of The Ultimate Hang: "very interesting and innovative hammock! When I took the hammock out for a field test, I was with a troop of Boy Scouts. The three other adult leaders who were with me, all of whom are new to hammocks, absolutely loved the bungee hammock and felt it was an improvement to the generic hammocks they'd been using. They cited the extra width and the 'folding-up' quality as benefits. Where this hammock really shines is as a chair and lounger. I had no problems relaxing in the hammock in chair mode, and everyone I've shared it with had a blast bouncing and rocking in the hammock. The width is perfect to support my back and head when in chair/lounger mode. I think it has great utility as a park lounger and recreational hammock.

I really like the fabric. The HyperD ripstop nylon is probably my favorite fabric for a camping hammock. It has a subtle, smooth hand that is more comfortable than a straight nylon. The color combinations are fantastic."     Similar Products: None

Temple Professor: "I don't need a marketing survey to see the greatness of these bungee hammocks, look at my wife, she is smiling in one and she hates everything!" Wife bought one!

Fisch, UK: "Not simply a hammock, these are a spiritual experience. I stumbled upon them, and I floated out!"

Dorothea from Tucson Az. wrote  "Birdwatcher lightweight double layer is perfect for a warm climate like Tucson, and it also has a pocket for my sleeping pad! It's DREAMY!

Alyssa, teen, wrote "I felt like I was lying on a cloud, please get me one?"

Sabrina, teen, wrote "I just melted. I feel like this could help my anxiety, especially when I sleep."

Lucia, age 5  wrote "I like that you can bounce and swing and relax!" 

Tiggrr  wrote "...all of a sudden, all the pressure of walking just disappeared! My sciatica even let up! My sister also bought one for her husband after watching me! 

Three proclaimed hammock specialists said  "All of our other hammocks are junk!" 

Allie, teen wrote: "I feel like a better human after sitting here.

Jeff, "I measure the success of my week by how much Bungee Hammock time I get!"

Many: "Oh my! You ought to be on Shark Tank!"