BEHOLD!  We offer a new experience of BUNGEE HAMMOCKS after hundreds of years of stressful inflexible ropes for hammock suspension, FINALLY, A FLEXIBLE HEAVEN.

Attain Simplicity, Peace, and Serenity.

Lifelong hammock aficionado, Sharon Gunther's invention came about while creating her first hammock, wanting to create a hammock without any hurtful stress points anywhere on one's body.  The success of this new method offers a delightful buoyancy. Hammock fabrics conform to the body making it feel as though one is floating...truly a stress-free environment! In addition to being the MOST COMFORTABLE HAMMOCK IN THE WORLD, additional therapeutic uses can include physical, psychological, medical, spiritual, and hospice applications.  

REVIEW by expert Derek Hanson of "The Ultimate Hang":

"I saw a video of the bungee hammock and was happy for the chance to check out this very interesting and innovative hammock. The suspension and strap system work great and will be familiar enough for most people to get this hammock set up quickly. When I took the hammock out for a field test, I was with a troop of Boy Scouts. The three other adult leaders who were with me, all of whom are new to hammocks, absolutely loved the bungee hammock and felt it was an improvement to the generic hammocks they'd been using. They cited the extra width and the 'folding-up' quality as benefits. Where this hammock really shines is as a chair and lounger. I had no problems relaxing in the hammock in chair mode, and everyone I've shared it with had a blast bouncing and rocking in the hammock. The width is perfect to support my back and head when in chair/lounger mode.I think it has great utility as a park lounger and recreational hammock. I really like the fabric. The HyperD ripstop nylon is probably my favorite fabric for a camping hammock. It has a subtle, smooth hand that is more comfortable than a straight nylon. The color combinations are fantastic.    Similar Products: NONE!"

Easy up and take down in less than a minute. Bungee assists in exiting! 

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